Rawlinson Partners Limited

Established in 2005, Rawlinson Partners coordinates the business and charitable activities of Iain Rawlinson and his affiliates.

Iain is a Business Leader, Advocate, Social Enterprise Investor, Trustee and successful Problem Solver.  He has a background in law, and has 30 years’ experience in the financial, industry and investment sectors. He has direct executive and non-executive experience of public company boards and long experience of working in the charitable sector. He has current interests and appointments in broadcast media and technology, strategic advice, the energy sector, the health sector, and conservation.

His executive specialty lies in leadership of businesses and organisations in development and transition. His special subject is an organisation’s focus on its Licence to Operate.

The organisation embraces three core themes:

Leadership, Advocacy and Innovation

Iain provides leadership through senior level appointments.  He also undertakes non-legal advocacy assignments, taking up causes.  Additionally, Iain provides strategic advice for organisations and individuals aimed at realising goals, unlocking value and solving problems in businesses, social impact enterprises and charities.  Rawlinson Partners is known for working with its clients in complex situations or periods of development or transition, and offers solutions based on leading edge innovation and thinking.  Privacy is respected at all times.

Iain Rawlinson’s current public roles include:

* denotes pro bono appointment