Revolutionary crowdCaster App Launching Soon!

(London, July 2015) c​rowdCaster, dubbed by many as “Twitter for Radio”, is a new platform that will allow you to create short length audio content, and listen to audio clips that you love, from the comfort of your desktop or smartphone. This innovative social broadcasting platform lets users, from all over the world, experience the true democratisation and revolution of online radio.

However, crowdCaster is more than just a place for great content. It’s an innovative way to create, explore and share audio ­ re­imagining online radio as a completely new experience; one that’s easy­to­use, informative, personal and entertaining.

This is your chance to share thoughts, stories, music and other audio clips you create in 140­second clips, no matter where you are, or what you want to talk about. Create, curate, interact and share from your personalised account, which is conveniently linked to major social networks like Facebook and Twitter to help you grow your audience. You can also create groups of clips in shows, or put together a playlist of your favourite crowdCaster clips, using content you discover including your own.

Use your voice to help kickstart the radio revolution online!

crowdCaster is coming

www.crowdcaster.com has just been pre­launched to help you find everything you need to know about the app, and to sign up for early access and updates on its full launch and features.

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