Renegade Inc.


Renegade Inc. is a new independent media platform which creates and broadcasts content aimed at “those who think differently”.  Renegade Inc.’s mission is to inform, illuminate and inspire.

Renegade Inc. also offers online interactive learning products and educational workshops aimed at engaging with its established audience in the interpretation of its media products, the development of the cognitive map, and their relation to current world events and trends.


The group’s business model is based on small full time team and fixed cost base, core revenue derived from a membership and subscription partnership with its audience (with additional media-based revenues arising from media product distribution and sponsorship of third party content on its website), and the sale of online educational products and conferences.

Renegade Inc.’s background, team and business are all focused on participating fully in the rapidly changing business, professional and personal landscape currently being experienced around the world – where human innovation and technology are leading a large-scale re-invention of how groups and individuals will organise themselves in the future in order to be effective.

This comes at a time when much of the established foundations and received thinking of the modern world is being rethought and reformed – in a “third industrial revolution” against a background of sustained and growing human, financial and geopolitical pressures.

Renegade Inc. currently operates as a free to use web-based media platform under the www.renegadeinc.com which houses all the content published to date by the founders, Ross and Megan Ashcroft.  This includes the internationally acclaimed documentary ‘Four Horsemen’ which has been translated into several languages by the audience and broadcast in over 30 countries, a recent series of interviews in the filmed weekly talkshow series syndicated to US broadcasters – ‘Meet the Renegades’ featuring Anat Amadi, John Lanchester, Martin Sandbu, Christian Felber and Steve Keen amongst others, and the  audio series – ‘Thinking Differently’ featuring Lord David Puttnam and Hugh MacLeod amongst others.

Renegade Inc. has (as of November 2015) 48,760 subscribers on YouTube, 18,370 followers on Twitter, an average of 9,200 monthly unique visitors to its website, and 16,672 monthly page views of its content.  Its most successful media creation to date is the documentary, “Four Horsemen”, which has had 3,747,963 views on YouTube.  These figures have all been built on organic growth.


Renegade Inc. believes that for a long time there has been a need for an innovative media outlet which gives access to content that will help people navigate the contemporary landscape – where there is a growing disconnect between the world as described in mainstream media and people’s own experience of it.

This has created an appetite for media products which seek to introduce challenging, thought-provoking ideas and innovations into the debate about the world we live in.  It has also created demand for educational products and interactions which will allow people to (a) interact with others in seeking to understand more fully the context of the media products, (b) engage in discussion of ideas and innovation arising from it and (c) involve themselves in the creation of new structures derived from it.

There are few (if any) creative media groups, with a strong educational foundation, which can offer this range of activities into the current marketplace – where mistrust of large media groups is common and new entrants to the market are few but growing.  Renegade Inc. believes this market opportunity can be accessed for profitable business development, supported by its work history (published since 2012) and reputation, and delivered by its expanded team and already established audience.

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